Remote Web Developer / Mentor

Position Type:
1 - 4
Salary Range:
$20.00 - $65.00 Hourly
Immediate openings for experienced web developers with proficiency in JavaScript and Ruby-based technologies. This is a true remote position. It is NOT based in New York City or Lagos.
We seek full-time and part-time roles in support of our team of 28 (and growing rapidly) apprentice-level junior developers located in Lagos, Nigeria. Hires will do remote pair-programming every day, taking turns rotating among teams that are working for high-profile clients in the USA. Minimal to zero client interaction required, but must be willing to mentor and coach our apprentices and help them grow into mature, well-polished web developers.
You must have:
Expert level proficiency with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL
At least 5 years experience with web development overall
At least 2 years experience with Agile-influenced development (TDD, pair-programming, storycarding, iterations, standup meetings, etc.)
Basic proficiency with UX concepts and techniques
Fast and reliable internet connection and your own personal computer
Personality and desire to do 100% remote pair-programming all day, every day
Residence in EST or other timezone relatively close to GMT.
We prefer:
Software Craftspeople, believe in the value of elegant software over software that just works
At least 10 years writing software professionally
At least 2 years experience with full-time pair-programming at shops like ThoughtWorks, Pivotal Labs or Hashrocket.
Proficiency in Angular, Node, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis, Ruby on Rails, JQuery, Bootstrap, Material, PhoneGap, etc.
Proficiency in iOS and/or Android development
DevOps experience
Varied freelance and/or corporate consulting experience
Direct interaction experience with large and small clients
Solid written and verbal communication ability
Located in timezone within hour or two of GMT
Maturity, integrity, humilty and a desire to help change the world for the better.
Willingness to do in-person stints onsite at our locations in Africa for 1-6 months
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