Content Writing jobs position 200

Position Type:
1 - 1
Salary Range:
$300 - $7,000 Weekly
Your mission is to Write content. blog posts , articles, we need someone with the drive and ability to connect with influencers online and who isn't intimidated by networking and cold outreach emails, all candidates must have strong writing skills.
As a writer, you will have to:
-Conduct thorough research on a particular subject
-Understand and write English professionally
-Find free royalty-free pictures to accompany text within each eBook (for example, if I were to have you write a book on yoga, you would need to find pictures of the different yoga poses and place them within the eBook at the appropriate places within the text.)
-Know how to credit photos that you have obtained and used within each article.
Please email us at
with your full name and resume.

Don't Be Fooled

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